Espresso Shot   1.5
shot of espresso, straight up

Americano  2.5
shot of espresso + hot water

Latte  3
espresso shot + smooth steamed milk – try it with salted caramel or vanilla

Mocha   3.5
espresso shot + Ghirardelli chocolate + smooth steamed milk

Nutella-Me-More  4
espresso shot + Ghirardelli chocolate + hazelnut + smooth steamed milk


Tea Pot  5
free refills

Loose Leaf Tea Cup   2
choose from a great range of our loose leaf tea from Mem Tea

Tea Latte   3
tea + steamed milk – try our Dark Energy and Chocolate Red Chili options

Chai Love Lucy   3
chai tea + steamed milk + vanilla 

Pinkberry   3
Crimson Berry tea + lemonade.

London Fog   3.5
Duchess Grey tea + steamed milk + vanilla

Hot Shot   3.5
Ginger-Lemon tea + honey + cayenne + fresh lemon juice + hot water


Apple Cider   2
apple + spices + hot water 

Hot Chocolate   2.5
Ghirardelli chocolate + steamed milk

Vanilla Steamer   2.5
steamed milk + vanilla (or try another flavor)

Cloud 9   4
steamed milk + vanilla + peppermint


additional flavor shots + 0.5

additional espresso shots + 1.5



Iced Latte  3.5
espresso shot + milk + ice – try it with salted caramel or vanilla

Iced Mocha   4
espresso shot + Ghirardelli chocolate + milk + ice

Thin Mint  4.5
espresso shot + dark chocolate + creme de menthe + milk + ice

Queen Bee Frappe  4.5
blended: espresso shot + white chocolate + honey + vanilla + milk + ice


Blood Orange  2
blood orange hibiscus tea + ice

Flower Power   2
bergamot tea + ice

Tai Chi Chai Tea   3
chai tea + milk + vanilla + ice

Matcha Do About Nothing   4
blended: matcha + white chocolate + sugar + milk + ice 


Lemonade   2
lemonade + ice 

Blueberry Lemonade   2.5
lemonade + blueberry + ice 

Ondo Sunshine   2.5
lemonade + lychee + orange + ice

Ultraviolet   4
lemonade + pomegranate juice + blueberry + ice


A selection of Iggy’s Bagels   2
Enjoy with plain or chive cream cheese

Hot Pocket   3
For midnight cravings or second dinners

Easy Mac   3
The name says it all

A selection of Danish Pastry House pastries   m.p.
Check in-house for fresh pastries that are delivered daily

Note: Please let your barista know if you have any allergies before ordering.

What’s Our Story?

Cabot Café is a student-run coffee shop at Harvard University serving the incredible Quad community and beyond. The Café offers espresso drinks, tea, chai, pastries and more. Cabot Café is a nightly coffee house open Sunday – Thursday, 8PM – 1AM, also serving as a gallery space and a venue for student performers and other on-campus events.

Cabot Café brings people together.  We love our customers and hope to bring a smile to your night spent studying or just hanging out in our beautiful space.
Come for coffee, stay for community.

More Our Story Contact Us

Meet the Team

Meet Lia

Facilities Manager
Cabot House ’19
Hometown: St. Helena, CA
Favorite Drink: Dark Chai

Meet Duncan

Finance Manager
Cabot House ’19
Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia
Favorite Drink: Match Do About Nothing

Meet Austin

Currier House ’20
Hometown: Pierre, South Dakota
Favorite drink: Chai Love Lucy

Meet Carl

Cabot House ’20
Hometown: Mountain View, California
Favorite Drink: Chai Love Lucy

Meet Emily

Cabot House ’20
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Favorite Drink: Tai Chi Chai Tea

Meet Pepo

Cabot House ’19
Favorite Drink: Pinkberry


Meet Janet

Marketing and Events Manager
Cabot House ’19
Hometown: Westborough, Massachusetts
Favorite Drink: Lemon Chamomile Tea

Green Efforts

At Cabot Cafe, we are working to being more green and environmentally conscious, from working to minimize food waste to finding way to reduce our water usage.

In the summer of 2019, we received a grant from the Consulting on Business and the Environment student group to pursue some of our environmentally conscious goals. This grant allowed us to buy glass jars to serve cold drinks to be consumed at the cafe and a counter cleaning systems for use during operating hours that reduces water.

We also have recycling bins in the Cafe and hope that all of our customers will help us by recycling when appropriate.

Please contact us with any ideas or suggestions on how we can be more environmentally aware at Cabot Cafe. Thank you!

Find Us

You’ll find us in the basement of
Cabot House E-Entryway
to the right of the Dining Hall.

We are open nightly Sunday – Thursday, 8pm – 1am.